Levitation Room is a band we love. Hailing from Highland Park, Los Angeles, Levitation Room makes creamy psych-rock that is truly timeless. Their band name itself says enough. You really feel levitated when listening to their songs. At least it has that effect on us. 

The band is made up of Julian Porte (guitar/lead vocals), Gabriel Fernandez (lead guitar/vocals), Johnathan Martin (drums) and Jonathan Martin (bass/vocals), yes they share the same name which is pretty cool. They're influenced by 60's prolific rock' n' roll bands like Kinks, Beatles, Stones, and many more of course. 

Listening to their two releases titled Ethos (2016) and Minds of Our Own (2015)we get a strong sense of comfort and a stronger sense of warmth. Their FB bio couldn't have worded it better:

"Their decidedly hallucinogenic jams whisper and hum the same gentle refrains of their summer of love influences, conjuring up the cognitive imagery of sunny days at the park, spent with friends in a euphoric haze along with lyrics ad sonic mediations on life, love and self-awareness."

Levitation Room is without a doubt one of the bands we'll be keeping a very close eye to as they progress in their adventure. We've included some essential songs that are the perfect introduction to the band, we can only hope they give you the same effect that we get, but that's the beauty of music, everyone feels it differently or some don't feel it all.  


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